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“There is such a difference between getting a “massage” and experiencing a treatment from someone who understands the workings of the human body and has mastered the art of working with it in a healing and rejuvenating way.  Tracy is one of those rare individuals who has this refined capability.” ~ R.H.

Years of dancing had left my body with restrictive scar tissue from old injuries. When a therapist massaged the tissue back to health, allowing me to move freely again, I was inspired to study massage and eventually Active Release Technique, (ART). 


I studied massage at the Chicago School of Massage Therapy and then spent the next 20 years taking continuing education courses, mostly focusing on my passion - deep tissue work.  I am a nationally certified and licensed massage therapist and Active Release Technique Provider, (ART).  I've had the opportunity to work in physical therapy clinics, 5-star destination spas, and eventually transitioned into private practice. 


My studio is located on Germantown Avenue in the heart of Mt Airy, located in Northwest Phialdelphia. I live nearby with my husband and two beautiful children.  I love to share my knowledge with my clients and more so, I love to learn from my clients.


~ Tracy Phillips, BA, LMT, ART Provider



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