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Active Release Technique (ART) is a soft tissue system/movement-based technique developed and patented by Dr. P. Michael Leahy.


I became interested in ART after testemonies from many people who had been helped with their injuries by Active Realease Technique. I wanted to study a type of bodywork that would be effective and help people in a concrete way. In an effort to strengthen my knowledge of the human body, I've taken several anatomy and physiology courses and movement analysis courses. This led me to ART, where there needs to be an in-depth understanding of the body. I believe that massage and ART are a perfect marriage -- the massage loosens the muscles, allowing me to sink into the muscle's adhesions, making for a more effective ART treatment. I've helped people work through their plantar fascitis, neck pain, low back pain, and shoulder and hip issues.


ART has changed my practice.  I have clients come from all areas of the city. I feel that I now have a concrete way to help people heal because every muscle has its own specific ART protocol.  The knowledge of anatomy helps me visualize the underlying musculature as I massage.


“I suffered with plantar fasciitis for more than a year, visiting various medical practitioners in the hope of some relief.  Nothing worked until I scheduled a series of treatments with Tracy, who used Active Release Techniques to slowly rehabilitate my condition.  I am both amazed and grateful that she was able to help me where no one else could.” ~ RH


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